Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week In Review: September 23-29

I made the Gift Shop this week but not for the reason I expected: the Monday Miracle of the Republicans moving their caucus date to match the Democrats. I was all like:


Ironic metaphor: NRA Strategist Kills Elephant. Speaking of killing the GOP, the shutdown is ticking closer and the Trillion Dollar Coin makes a comeback. But Jesse Jackson did a WAY better Green Eggs And Ham than Ted Cruz.

New Jersey Supreme Court takes marriage equality off Chris Christie's plate. Leaving more room for seconds.

Chuck Grassley has announced he's running for re-election at age 83. In an alternate universe Iowa still has a Senate delegation of Clark & Culver, who both lost for re-election at 50 or younger.

Ace Ventura, TIF Detective: Private eyes and superPACs jump into... the Coralville city election? Meanwhile in Iowa City, the city finally admits that the 21 bar ordinance is a rights issue, but instead of expanding rights to young adults, they want to redefine rights.

And three Emmys for Jim Parsons, but still no Nobel Prize for Sheldon Cooper. Bazinga!

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