Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week In Review: October 7 - 13

Iowa wrestlers seem very confused about hunting seasons.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper does NOT win the Nobel Physics Prize this week. But he DID predict it:
Sheldon: I am glad you asked. Are you familiar with the Higgs boson?
Penny: Of course, it is, it’s been in the news. And it’s a very famous boson.
Sheldon: Nice try. Now, in 1964, Dr. Peter Higgs, accomplished self-promoter and physicist, he wrote a paper postulating the existence of a subatomic particle called the Higgs boson. Now, initially the paper was rejected, but recently, he was proven right, and now he’s on the fast track to win a Nobel prize.
Penny: Yeah, that’s basically what I said.
Sheldon: Yeah, the point is Higgs is being celebrated for work he did 50 years ago, so that got me thinking, perhaps I’ve already hit upon the idea that will win me my Nobel prize.
Looks like the Senate 13 special election - now set for Nov. 19 - will see GOP Rep. Julian Garrett against ex-Rep Mark Davitt for the Dems. Won't be shocked if another Republican tried but no names yet. A Garrett win would mean ANOTHER special election. When then-Rep Bob Dvorsky ran for the Senate in a 1994 special, he resigned from House so elections could be combined to save money. Just saying.

In Muscatine, House 91 was a four candidate race for about two days as Gary Carlson gets in... and is a three person race again as Emily Lofgren gets out.

Republican Rep. Mark Brandenburg is running for recorder not re-election in House 15, the more Democratic of the two Council Bluffs seats.

Democrats could see a primary in Senate 41. Wapello County supervisor Steve Siegel is in, and Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy is looking at it. The Republican incumbent is fluke 2010 winner Mark "Chickenman" Chelgren.

Slipped under my radar: Steve Olson of Scott County not running again in House 97. But that's barely a retirement compared to Johnson County's Berry Sass, who retired Friday  after over 60 years working in the Treasurer's Office.

And you knew I'd write the Vote Yes To Repeal 21 piece at some point.

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