Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zombie Committees

Since campaign finance deadline landed on Halloween, and since I'm sitting here frequently refreshing the page anyway, I'm going to talk about zombies.

Campaign committees don't automatically close when an election ends. They have to BE closed with a zero balance. Candidates can't just keep the money. They CAN repay loans to themselves, but anything left has to be donated to charity or in some cases a political party, or returned to donors.

But sometimes due to inertia or deferred ambition the money sits there. Former senator Evan Bayh has something like $10 million left. I'll just look locally.

Former Iowa City mayor Regenia Bailey last ran in 2007 but still has $1,488.02 in the bank; her only activity in 2012 was earning a duly reported 74 cents interest.

Brandon Ross ran unsuccessfully for Iowa City council three times, last in 2007. He still has $415.57 left over.

Former Coralville council member John Weihe, who gave up his seat in a losing bid for mayor in 2011, has $775 and an outstanding $1,970 loan to himself.

Nick Maybanks ran for county attorney when Pat White retired in 2006, but lost the primary to Janet Lyness. He's since moved to Linn County but the committee lives on with $344.97 in the bank.

Speaking of which, I see here that the John Zimmerman for County Attorney committee (treasurer Donald Baxter) has organized.

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