Monday, November 11, 2013

Upcoming Events: November 11-18

I completely punted on Week In Review for the first time since I launched the feature, but as my excuse it would have been pretty much a cut and paste of the election reviews anyway.

So back on track with the upcoming events, though with election season over the calendar is getting slimmer.

Johnson County's vets memorial just south of the Admin Building is being dedicated at 11 today. Convenient bicycle parking just a few steps away.

Senator Pam Jochum is coming to town for a Joe Bolkcom fundraiser Wednesday. Joe just announced for re-election - not that there was much doubt. Sanctuary, 5 to 6:30.

On the other team, 2008 caucus winner Mike Huckabee is in Des Moines Thursday at a fundraiser for "Informed Choices of Iowa" (sic).

The Center For Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa (CWJ) is celebrating its 1st Anniversary with an open house on Saturday from 2-6pm at 940 South Gilbert Court in Iowa City.

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