Thursday, December 19, 2013

And Now The Aftershocks

In politics as in seismology, you get aftershocks following the big earthquake. After the grand tectonic shifts of the Olson and Latham faults on Tuesday, more dishes rattled Wednesday.

It seems that Jack Hatch's phone calls didn't go well Tuesday night, as no key Olson supporters were quick to get on board. Rather, Janet Petersen, a fellow Polk County senator who had endorsed Olson, hinted that she was now interested in the governor's race.

Bleeding Heartland was quick to naysay, arguing that Petersen should get into the 3rd CD race instead. But another Democratic woman, Staci Appel, is already in that race, and either way Petersen is in mid-term so doesn't give up her seat. Challenging the lifetime undefeated Branstad is an uphill fight, sure, but even a reasonably close race raises your profile.

As for the 3rd CD, the dust is still settling. Doesn't look like anyone is dropping down from the Senate race - yet. Jennifer Jacobs has a handy scorecard.

I made the mistake of getting into a massive online flame war on the value of recruiting female candidates. It's not an absolute, but all other things being equal I'd like to see more young and female and minority candidates running in winnable, high-profile races.

We're a state that has something to prove, and if you're yet another old straight white guy you'd better have something special to bring to the table. Bruce Braley's got that which is why he cleared the field. Pat Murphy? If he were all that special he would have cleared the field too, rather than drawing FOUR primary opponents.

Brian Schweitzer? Maybe, maybe not. But at least he came to Iowa.

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