Monday, December 16, 2013

Week In Review and Upcoming Events: December 9-23

Kim Jong Un killed both his uncle and any hope for reform this week, though it doesn't seem to bother his buddy Dennis Rodman who's visiting North Korea again. But the North Korean rhetorical style is an art form of its own.

Beyonce shook up a music industry that could use some shaking up: An A-list superstar drops a new album with no notice, no warning, no advance promo, and gets rave reviews and instant sales. Compare/contrast with Lady Gaga; I'm still a true believing Monster but the roll out of her latest has been difficult.

Latest journalism business model to fail: Patch.

Matt Schultz call your office: Democrats are targeting secretary of state races and Brad Anderson is sure to be high on the list.

Linn County supervisor Lu Barron is stepping down next year after 18 years. Kim Taylor, a Harkin staffer and spouse of Rep. Todd Taylor, will seek Barron's seat. That's big courthouse news, of course, but not nearly as big as this past weekend big news:  Johnson County Auditor Travis Weipert got married to Abbie Ferguson Saturday. Congrats, boss.

It's been a week since the Democrats House 25 nominating convention and the only news I've gotten about the nomination of Pam Deichmann is from The Iowa Republican. I suspect the GOPs Stan Gustafson is favored in the January 7 special election.

Other legislative notes:Carroll County businessman Brian Best announced on the GOP side against Dan Muhlbauer, probably the most conservative Dem still in the legislature, in House 12. And in House 5, which is I think the second most Republican seat in the state, Chuck Soderberg is running again.

Political events are getting fewer and farther between as the holiday blackout looms. Rep. Dan Lundby is having a fundraiser in Marion Wednesday, but that's about all.

Of course MY big event is today. Check the top of the page and note that the former slogan had been displaced. That space will probably be used for rotating comments and quotes, which should give you a reason to check back even if I don't have an actual story.

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