Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ready For Caucuses

Like election night, caucus night had an inverse relationship between Deeth Blog traffic and content. I'm too in the loop of the process to write but everyone visits anyway.

So if you are here, here's a few Caucus 2016 items that popped up today.

Politico is billing the Ready For Hillary campaign - it quacks like a duck - as "Look(ing) More Like the Obama Machine." But Bloomberg finds their money dude and he's been in Clintonworld since the 2004 cycle.

Meanwhile, academic uberpundit Larry Sabato believes Clinton is "more vulnerable than everyone thinks."
A consensus choice for a major-party presidential nomination is exceedingly rare.

When no incumbent was running, the only precedent for a consensus choice in the entire post-World War II era is Richard Nixon in 1960. This impressive feat was nonetheless achieved with some difficulty and embarrassment.

The larger lesson from 1960 is that even a rare consensus nomination does not come easily.
With the caucuses coming just before that Ready For Hillary rally Saturday, I'm surprised there wasn't a little more outreach.  With every other politician on the planet urging people to attend, wouldn't it have been nice and civic-minded of Hillary to remind Iowans about caucus night? A tweet would have cost zero and would have been the story of the night.

Still got 2 hours and 15 minutes to prove me wrong. And I promise to stop being critical if she can get one of her snow shovelers from 2008 over to my house right now.

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