Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Upcoming Events: Mostly February 1

First time since I started this feature that I totally punted the ball on a Monday events calendar. But the week's not over and there's still stuff going on.

We Democrats have or first convention committee meeting Saturday at the West High cafeteria, starting at 10. Those should be done fast except for platform, so there's plenty of time to get over to the Sanctuary by 3 for Dave Loebsack's fundraiser ($25 and up).

If you bat for the other team, 2nd District Republicans are meeting Saturday at 9 at the Coralville library and promising loads of candidates:

(Interesting: Lofgren tweeted today that it's just 127 days till the primary, even though he is "officially" the only announced Republican in the 2nd CD. Miller-Meeks petitions were spotted caucus night, but no official announcement yet...)

Planned Parenthood is hosting an "Election Matter" house party 6 PM Thursday at 127 Ferson in Iowa City. (And belated congrats to PP organizer and 2012 legislative candidate Sara Sedlacek, who became a mom last week.)

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