Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Campaign Finance Chart Cribbed

Before I made time to dig through US House campaign finance reports, Daily Kos did all the legwork. The full national post is well worth a look, but I cut to the chase and pulled out just the Iowa House races.

All numbers are in thousands. Also note that this is through December 31, 2013. That was just days after Tom Latham's retirement, and thus the crowded clown car in the 3rd CD Republican primary isn't listed.

CD Name Raised 4th Quarter Self
Spent Raised to date Cash on hand
IA-01 Swati Dandekar $151 $0 $30 $101 $374 $263
IA-01 Monica Vernon $144 $81 $0 $116 $449 $271
IA-01 Anesa Kajtazovic $120 $0 $0 $45 $157 $105
IA-01 Patrick Murphy $99 $6 $0 $57 $333 $224
IA-01 Dave O'Brien $78 $0 $0 $33 $182 $125
IA-01 Walt Rogers $127 $1 $0 $57 $127 $71
IA-01 Rod Blum $42 $19 $0 $27 $225 $175
IA-01 Steve Rathje $13 $0 $0 $20 $125 $50
IA-02 Dave Loebsack $145 $0 $0 $51 $544 $425
IA-02 Mark Lofgren $29 $5 $0 $27 $91 $32
IA-03 Staci Appel $261 $0 $0 $91 $500 $369
IA-04 Jim Mowrer $173 $0 $0 $95 $354 $206
IA-04 Steve King $163 $0 $0 $116 $506 $139

One thing I like about the format: it splits out self-funding from the total raised.

That's especially noticeable in the 1st CD. Take away Monica Vernon's self-financing and Swati Dandekar has raised the most money from other people. Mostly outside the district is my bet, and I don't think spending big and late on TV will help as much as she thinks it will. Primaries are base election and the Democratic base will be enraged at the sight of her.

My choice in this race, Anesa Kajtazovic, still trails, but she picked up the pace a lot from her first quarter. This past quarter she outraised both Pat Murphy and Dave O'Brien, who seem to have called in all their chips already.

On the GOP side, late starter Walt Rogers is raising it but also spending it, while Rod Blum has the most on hand and Steve Rathje is anemic.

In the 2nd CD, Dave Loebsack is on about his usual pace but Mark Lofgren has a dismal report. He's certainly dreading the any day now announcement by Mariannette-Miller-Meeks and the donors are likely waiting for her.

Staci Appel raised $261,000 in a quarter that was mostly as a challenger to Tom Latham. Once it became an open seat, her half million raised to date scared almost all competition away. There's still Gabriel de la Cerda, who seems to be below the $5000 reporting threshold.

And for the second straight quarter Jim Mowrer outraised Steve King and even leads him in cash on hand.

While I'm cribbing from Daily Kos, here's another good one: What Year Did Your County's Population Peak? It explains a lot about Red and Blue, and there are a lot of places in Iowa that had their biggest populations before 1900.

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