Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day Two: Branstad Files - For Now

Some dude named Terry Branstad filed for governor for the sixth time Tuesday, so I guess we can call him a "perennial candidate." (Most perennial candidates don't have lifetime undefeated records, though.) But conspiracy theorists note: one can still drop out at a later date...

Also note that, despite all the Branstad-Reynolds branding, the lieutenant governor does NOT appear on the primary ballot. That's determined by the state convention, the shape of which will be set at county conventions March 8. From 1990 till 2010 that convention vote was just a rubber stamp of the nominee's pick, but then Bob Vander Plaats decided to throw a hissy fit. I'll take side bets on who Jack Hatch will eventually pick for a running mate...

Today's ticket topper deserved a post. I may or may not post every day during filing time, and Branstad is the only activity above the legislative level.

In Ames based Senate 23, Democrat Cynthia Oppedal Paschen is launching a primary challenge to three term incumbent Herman Quirmbach. I speculated without actual facts last month: "Ames has a tradition of electing female legislators, and some folks were miffed when Quirmbach narrowly beat Karen Bolluyt in the 2002 primary on the retirement of (female) Johnie Hammond." And Paschen openly said on announcing that Quirmbach is hard to get along with. Any central Iowans with actual facts can jump in. The winner faces Republican Jeremy Davis, who stepped down from the city council for the race. Republicans are talking up his chances but the district's numbers are good for Democrats.

On the House side, landscape business owner John Blue of Council Bluffs is a Republican candidate in House 15, the more Democratic leaning of the city's two seats. It's open as Mark Brandenburg, who drew the short straw and moved in after getting paired in redistricting with fellow Republican Mary Ann Hanusa, is running for county recorder. (Council Bluffs was one of the Dems' weak recruiting spots last cycle.)

Also filing, two house incumbents:

Sioux City Democrat David Dawson wants a second term. He won an empty House 14 seat in 2012 when two freshmen, Democrat Chris Hall and Republican Jeremy Taylor, were paired up. This seat had more of Taylor's turf but he didn't move, and lost to Hall.

And Republican Joel Fry of Osceola is running for a third term in House 27. He knocked off Democrat Mike Reasoner in an unanticipated 2010 upset, then beat a Some Dude in the primary and an independent in the general last cycle.
Republican Jeremy Davis

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