Monday, February 17, 2014

Upcoming Events: February 17-24

Tomorrow night the Iowa Iowa City City Council Council picks the nine members of the charter review commission. The names of the 26 applicants are on page 277 of a 359 page packet. Here's an easier way to get both the names and a few objective facts that the city leaves out but people like to know, like age and party. And, using my usual ruthless objectivity, sorted into tiers.


Stephen Atkins 68, no party, north side, former city manager
Paul Burns, 46, D, Manville Heights, Matt Hayek's Mini-Me on 21 Bar Round 3
Andy Chappell, 42, D, Manville Heights. assistant county attorney and member of 2004-05 commission.
Bob Elliott, 78, D, east side. Former council member.
Karen Kubby, 53, D at the moment, Twain area. Former council member and member of 2004-05 commission.
Dee Vanderhoef, 74, R, east side. Former council member

So four solid pro-establishment, no-change votes plus one guy, Chappell, who has been through this before and Kubby as the token progressive.

The three remaining slots will come from these contenders:

Larry Baker, 66, D, east side. Former council member
Nancy E. Carlson, 66, D, east side
Gene Chrischilles, 58, D, west side.
Karrie Craig, 46, R, east side
Charles Eastham, 72, D, Peninsula
Catharine Eisenhofer, 62, D, West side
Nikki Herbst, 63, D south sidePolly Horton, 63, R, downtown
Scott McDonough, 49, D, north sideRyan L. O'Leary, 37, R, east side
Brian Richman, 47, D, east side
Mark E. Schantz, 73, D, east side
Linda Schreiber, 66, D, west side
Melvin O. Shaw, 46, D, east side
Anna Moyers Stone, 33, D, Manville Heights

Since I have to bet I'll bet on Schreiber, Shaw and Craig.

The fact that I can read the tea leaves this accurately should automatically qualify me for the commission. But the fact that I then go ahead and blog about it puts me on the next tier of the list: these folks have said and done enough things in public that they won't be seriously considered by the five member establishment majority of the council:

Rockne Cole, 39, D, east side. Attorney, recently defeated council candidate.
Adam B. Sullivan, 24, R, north side
Rod Sullivan, 47, D, east side, county supervisor.
Caroline Dieterle, 78, D, Longellow neighborhood.
And last and least: John Deeth, 50 (!), D, Miller-Orchard.

I'm technically last since I goofed up and left my address off my application, which I've attempted to correct since I prefer to be rejected on my own merits, not on a technicality. I'm sure I'm at the top of at least three Hell, No! lists: Dobyns, Hayek and Dickens.

So don't expect massive change. If I may humbly ask, please just one little drives-me-nuts thing from my platform: Get rid of the stupid "qualified elector" thing and just let petitions be signed by "eligible" electors like everyone else.

Later this week: Chili!

Join State Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate

at the

 Join us for an evening of fun, friendship and food as we celebrate the contributions of working women and men in our community.

What:       Iowa City Fed Chili Dinner

Who:        Union members, Friends of Labor and Community Members

When:      Thursday, February 20, 2014  6:00 pm
Where:    940 S. Gilbert Court, Iowa City
                   City Fed Office  (Center for Worker Justice Hall)
Bring a dish to share (optional)


For more information contact Joe Marron at 319-400-6391
2/22 LWV forum at NL city council

Feb 24
Filing starts today for fesaral and state offices

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