Monday, March 10, 2014

Filing Day 11

Day 11's big news was a non-filing as Democrat Dennis Black steps down in Newton-Altoona Senate 15 after 32 years in the legislature. Former Newton Mayor Chaz Allen promptly announced for the Democrats, making me think this has been in the works for a bit. The GOP field is Jeremy Filbert and Crystal Bruntz in this swingy  seat.

I gave Black the lede because we all knew Bruce Braley would file. (Braley was playing up the Number Of Signatures factor, which is only news if it's close to the margin of error.) Pat Murphy tweeted that he'd filed today but isn't on the Offical list yet; I assume the larger congressional petitions take longer to check. And Rod Blum has also been long expected in the 1st CD, though his status as GOP frontrunner is new since Walt Rogers dropped out.

Rogers turned in his Plan B paperwork today to run for re-election in House 60. He faces Some Dude primary challenger Jason Welch.

No action on the courthouse front, but four of our local legislative candidates filed in Des Moines. In open Senate 39, where Republican Sandy Greiner is retiring, Clear Creek Amana school board member Kevin Kinney (D) and former Tiffin mayor Royce Phillips (R) both made it official. And Johnson County Democratic incumbents: Iowa City's Joe Bolkcom in Senate 43 and Vicki Lensing in House 85, and Coralville's Dave Jacoby in House 74.

The top of the House Republican leadership filed today: Speaker Kraig Paulsen of Hiawatha in House 67 and House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer of Clear Lake in House 54.

Cedar Rapids Democrat Wally Horn, the senior member of the legislature, is seeking a new term in  Senate 35. Horn has a primary challenge from Lance Lefebure, who lost a 2012 House race as a Republican.

Tom Rubel is one of two announced Democrats in Ottumwa based Senate 41. This is the most Democratic seat held by a Republican. Mark "Chickenman" Chelgren caught the wave and won by 10 votes in 2010. Another narrow, but not THAT narrow, GOP Senate winner in 2010 was Rick Bertrand of Sioux City who filed today.

Both candidates filed in Ft. Dodge based Senate District 5: Democratic incumbent Daryl Beall and Republican Tim Kraayenbrink. Also filing from Ft. Dodge: House 10 Democratic incumbent Helen Miller.

In Ames, former city council member Jeremy Davis is the Republican in Senate 23. Democratic incumbent Herman Quirmbach has a primary challenge from Cynthia Oppedahl Paschen.

As expected, Kevin Wolfswinkel filed in House 1. He primaried Jeff Smith in 2012 and came close. Smith is retiring, and two other Republicans have filed. In another primary, Republican Jon Van Wyk of Sully, it says here (residence has been an issue in this race) filed in his primary challenge to Greg Heartsill in House 28.

Democrat Scott Ourth of Warren County filed for a second term in House 26. Republican Eric Durbin of Indianola also filed in 26 today, and Des Moines policeman James Butler is also in for the Rs though not yet filed. Ourth is a strong candidate, but he lost in 2010 to tea partier Glen Massie so watch this space.

Another space to watch is House 58. Incumbent Brian Moore filed today in the most Democratic House seat held by a Republican. Retiring Maquoketa superintendent Kim Huckstadt has announced for the Dems. Likewise, Democrat Amanda Ragan filed today; she has the most Republican Senate seat held by a Democrat, Senate 27.

Brian Best, a Carroll Republican, is officially in for House 12, challenging Democratic incumbent Dan Muhlbauer.

Democrat Hans Erickson of Boone filed in House 47. Republican Chip Baltimore upset Donovan Olson in 2010 and won the rematch in 2012 by a bigger margin.

Republican Ryan Kilburg of Zwingle is challenging Dyersville Democrat Nancy Dunkel, who walked into an open House 57 without a primary OR general election opponent in 2012.

Laura Hubka of Riceville is the Democrat in House 51. She'll face GOP incumbent Josh Byrnes.

The bipartisan House Taylor Caucus is in for re-election: Republican Rob of West Des Moines in House 44, and Democrat Todd of Cedar Rapids in House 70. Sioux City Republican Jeremy lost in 2012, and Senator Rich is not up this cycle.

And a whole pile of incumbents who I didn't bother working into a cute narrative. I think a lot of folks took their petitions to the county conventions Saturday to finish up.
  • Cecil Dolecheck, R-Mt. Ayr in House 24,
  • Ruth Ann Gaines D-DM House 32
  • Bruce Hunter D-DM House 34
  • Chris Hagenow R-Windsor Heights House 43
  • Rob Bacon R-Slater House 48
  • Sharon Steckman D-Mason City House 53
  • Bob Kressig D-Cedar Falls House 59
  • Kirsten Running-Marquardt D-CR House 69
  • Tom Sands R-Wapello in House 88
  • Cindy Winckler D-DAV House 90
  • Phyllis Thede D-Bettendorf House 93
  • Linda Miller R-Bettendorf House 94,
  • Quentin Stanerson R-Center Point House 95 (facing a rematch with Democrat Kirsten Keast)
  • and Chuck Isenhart D-DBQ House 100.

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