Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Filing Day 13

Monday Pat Murphy tweeted that he's filed, but then he didn't show up on the list and the tweet vanished. Today it's official. Also filing in the 1st CD: Steve Rathje, looking to extend his string of GOP primary losses dating back to 2008.

The Official top candidate to file today was Matt Whitaker, going for the US Senate rather than being steered into the AG race against Tom Miller (who also filed). Matt's the fourth official candidate in the senate primary; we're still waiting on Joni Ernst and Some Dude Paul Lunde.

Here in Johnson County, two candidates filed in open Senate 39, completing the known field. Washington Democrat Rich Gilmore will face Kevin Kinney of Oxford. Former Johnson County Republican chair Bob Anderson faces Mike Moore of Washington and former Tiffin mayor Royce Phillips. Republican Sandy Greiner is retiring.

Elsewhere in the State Senate, Republican leader Bill Dix filed for a second term in Senate 25. But 26 is the number he wants.

Mitchellville mayor Jeremy Filbert is running for the GOP in suddenly open Senate 15 where Democrat Dennis Black is retiring. He has a primary with Crystal Bruntz; the winner faces former Newton mayor Chaz Allen for the Dems.

Jason Schultz is leaving House 18 for open Senate 9 where Nancy Boettger is retiring in a safe Republican seat.

An even safer open seat GOP seat is Senate 11 where Hubert Houser is hanging it up. Two Republicans filed today: Tom Shipley of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association and Art Hill finance director for the city of Council Bluffs. Looks like a farms vs. exurbs race in the southwest corner.

Iowa Public Health Association president Pam Deichmann is the Democrat in Senate 13, challenging one session Republican Julian Garrett. Deichmann lost 70-30% to Stan Gustafson in the January House special to replace Garrett.

Clinton County Republican supervisor Brian Schmidt of Delmar is challenging half-term Democrat Rita Hary in Senate 49. (The seat was vacant after redistricting so it was on the ballot for an off-cycle short term in 2012.)

Ned Chiodo completes the trifecta of announced Senate 17 Democrats, joining Tony Bisignano and Nathan Blake on the ballot. The winner is a safe bet to replace Jack Hatch. In a less exciting Polk County race: Democrat Matt McCoy filing in Senate 21.

Herman Quirmbach also has a primary challenge, but this one looks more serious. The Ames Democrat faces Cynthia Oppedal Paschen; winner draws ex-city council member Jeremy Davis for the Republicans.

Two Republicans filed in Senate 29. James Budde of Bellevue faces Dyersville mayor Jim Heavens, who lost the 2010 state treasurer primary. The winner faces Democratic incumbent Tod Bowman.

Both of Democrat Amanda Ragan's rivals filed today. Republicans Shawn Dietz and Timothy Junker (a former sheriff) face off in the most Republican seat held by a Democrat.

The most Democratic seat held by a Republican is Senate 41. Mark "Chickenman" Chelgren, a 10 vote 2010 winner, filed today, as did Democrat Steve Siegel, a Wapello County supervisor. Siegel has a primary against Tom Rubel.

Ankeny's Jack Whitver is officially in for Senate 19. He has a Republican primary against perennial candidate Brett Nelson. Whitver has served four full session but this is his first general election in the seat, he won a hurry-up special when Larry Noble resigned to take a Branstad administration job in January 2011.

I'm basically doing this like a liveblog now. Creativity and priority is mostly out the window. Posted what's above and moving on to the House.

Almost all the incumbents are now in, with Ako Abdul-Samad, Dawn Pettingill and Kevin Koester filing today; Mary Wolfe also tweeted, with pics, that she had but isn't listed. Leaving aside known retirements/runs for other jobs, that leaves just Republican Chip Baltimore of Boone; has anyone heard if he's Officially announced? Also, Dave Heaton of Mt Pleasant SAYS he's running again despite a GOP primary challenge, but no papers yet.

Pettingill will have opposition from Democrat Steve Beck of Belle Plaine; always a grudge match when a party switcher is involved...

House 55 is now officially open, with Roger Thomas leaving the most Republican seat held by a Democrat. Darrel Branhagen is officially in for the GOP; Democrat Rick Edwards, former  Decorah Parks and Recreation director. has announced.

Two Republicans file in open House 18 where Jason Schultz is leaving for a Senate run. Steve Holt had a co-announcement when Schultz announced for the Senate, the very day Nancy Boettger retired. Joining Holt: student Dillon Malone, "a young conservative guided by traditional values." Democrats are running Paul Thelen in this red seat. 

A second Republican in open House 15: Council Bluffs school board member Troy Arthur. He faces Jim Blue in the primary; winner gets Democrat Charlie McConkey. Incumbent Mark Brandenburg (R) is running for recorder.

Abby Finkenauer is in for Dubuque's House 99, the Pat Murphy seat. She faces Steve Drahozal in a primary and I seem to be the only person in the state to have noticed his 2000 run as a Libertarian. Here's more.

Former Grinnell school board president  Eric Pederson filed for the Dems in House 76, challenging GOP freshman David Maxwell.

James  Butler joins the GOP field in House 26; the Des Moines cop faces Eric Durbin in a primary to face Democrat Scott Ourth.

Camanche Democrat Jay Saxon is running in open House 97, where Republican Steve Olson is retiring.

The persistent Joan Acela is back, making her fourth try in House 25. The former Madison County supervisor lost the primary to Julian Garrett when the seat was open in 2010, primaried him again in 2012, then lost to Stan Gustafson at the nominating convention when Garrett went to the senate. So, naturally, she's now primarying Gustafson. I may be wrong but there seems to be a Warren vs. Madison thing here, at least based on the past primary returns. Or maybe she just announced first and thinks that entitles her to the seat. I've heard that one before.

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