Monday, March 31, 2014

Upcoming Events: March 31 - April 7

Terry Branstad brings the campaign for Term 6 to Johnson County this week, keynoting a Thursday fundraiser for the Johnson County Republicans. Asking price is $50 (60 after today) for the 6 PM dinner at the Coralville Marriott. You'll probably catch lots of Republicans running for lots of other stuff too. They're inviting press so I may just check it out.

That'll mean missing my own party's Central Committee meeting that same night, 7 PM at the Iowa City School District.

Next Monday Democratic secretary of State candidate Brad Anderson will be at the Hampton Inn at Sturgis Corner Dr from 5:30 to 7. Hosts are Bob and Sue Dvorsky, Ravi Patel , and Zach Wahls. Suggested donations start at 25 bucks.

That's not the last pitch for money you'll see today, the last day of the first quarter for federal candidates. Your inbox like mine is filling past with pleas to reach Our Campaign's Most Important Goal Yet. We'll hear how it turns out in a couple weeks.

Cartoon of the year awarded March 28:

As a government union goon, I approve.

It finally officially looks like spring because colorful things are sprouting: teal yard signs blossomed Sunday for Janelle Rettig.

Jonathan Narcisse sued to get on the ballot and lost and sued and lost and sued again.  Betting the beret the Narcisse-ists run independent again this fall. As a friend said this week: "I have mixed emotions between people's right to run and just plain dumb assedness."

And just a general observation: I speak for myself. When a lot of people who've repeatedly won the confidence of the voters agree with me, it's just a nice bonus.

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