Monday, April 28, 2014

Upcoming Events: April 27 - May 4

It's County Government Week - for me that's every week - and this year we're showing off some emergency vehicles with a theme of "Ready and Resilient." Stop by the Admin Building parking lot 4:30pm - 6:30pm. Stop in first because we're ready and resilient for election emergencies.

Wednesday sees early voting sites on two campuses: the UI Main Library, which Team Zimmerman hopes to push, and Maucker Union at UNI, which the Anesa Kajtazovic campaign is promoting.

The Clothesline Project is a display of t-shirts in honor of victims and survivors of all genders who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and homicide. This year it's Tuesday 9 to 3 on the Pentacrest.

The Johnson County Dem's monthly Central Committee meeting is on Thursday, May Day. That's Labor Day in the rest of the world, and the meeting fittingly is at the labor hall at 940 Gilbert Court.

Congratulations to Johnson County's newest lawyer, John Zimmerman, who takes his bar oath Tuesday after getting his passing grade a week ago Friday. (He's been a little shy about teh milestone, no mention from the campaign.) He's hoping his first job as a brand new lawyer will be supervising an experienced staff of 13 attorneys.

And of course Sunday is that annual geek holiday, Star Wars Day, as in May The Fourth be with you. Sorry.

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