Monday, May 19, 2014

Upcoming Events: May 19-26

Simple math: 2 (a Monica Vernon "Special Campaign Announcement" at 10:30 today in Cedar Rapids) + 2 (with special guest Liz Mathis1) = an 11 letter word beginning with E. Mathis, who was begged to run but declines, was expected to stay neutral.

By day's end, campaign finance reports are due. Started writing that already; how soon I get done depends on how soon the last candidate does.

Joni Ernst and the Squeal Mobile - like a Votemobile only with guns and castration - will be at at Caffe Crema, 411 2nd Street, Coralville 10:15 -11:00 AM Tuesday.

The final supervisor forum is Tuesday night at 7 at the Iowa City library. A collection of environmental groups is hosting; is it a Newport Road ambush? 

If you want an old fashioned volunteer evening, Janelle Rettig is stuffing envelopes, also at the Iowa City library.

As noted earlier, law changes late in the legislative session moved the pre-registration deadline up one day to this Friday, and auditor's offices will NOT be open this Saturday. (The next weekend, they will.)

We've got more satellite voting this week: Broadway on Wednesday afternoon and the Farmer's Market Saturday morning. 

And If you're up before dawn Saturday, you might see a monster meteor shower. Hard to predict mega-meteors, but Earth will be passing through a great number of dusty trails left behind in space by a small comet (P/209 LINEAR). "This unusual cosmic interaction might result in an amazing, albeit brief, display of meteors, popularly known as "shooting stars." There could be many dozens, or even hundreds, of meteors per hour, experts say."

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