Sunday, August 10, 2014

Slow Second Week Filing

The second week of a three week filing period is usually deadly dull. You get a big wave on Day One, and things ramp up in the last two or three days, but who files in the middle?

Pretty much no one. Just four third party filings during the whole week, none above the state House level, and none even possible spoilers in three way races.

Two tea partyish candidates who've lost Republican primaries in past cycles are running against Republicans this year.

Lee Harder was an also ran in the 2nd Congressional District in 2008 and got stomped in the Senate 42 primary in 2012. This year he's an independent in House District 84 against longtime incumbent Dave Heaton. 

Brian Cook was clobbered by Dan Zumbach in the Senate 48 primary last cycle. Cook is now challenging House 96 incumbent Lee Hein as a Libertarian. There's no Democrat in either of these races.

Third party contenders also filed in two Des Moines seats, against incumbent Democrats. Libertarian Joshua Herbert will challenge Rick Olson in House 31. And David Courard-Hauri appeard to be the only Green candidate in the state in House 41, against Jo Oldson. (On Friday I tweeted that the Green was challenging Lisa Heddens in Ames. Oops.) No Republicans in either contest.

There's at least one nominating convention scheduled next week. Rep. Henry Rayhons made his withdrawal official in House 8. He had cited family concerns, and sadly his wife Donna passed away on Friday. Condolonces to Rep. Rayhons and his family.

The Republican convention to replace Rayhons on the ballot will be Thursday, the day before the filing deadline. Terry Baxter of Garner has announced. (Does this mean no Stu Iverson comeback?) The convention winner will face Democrat Nancy Paule Huisinga in a red district.

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