Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sanders Peels Paint Off Walls, Sounds Like Candidate in Iowa City

Another item I donated:
Winner: Jan Hook of Solon

Winner was Becci Reedus. But the hottest auction item was pair of tickets to next week's Hawkeye game.
It didn't, which is an indicator of how good the keynoters were because I really love Legos.

I actually stuck Cardboard Barack up there at the mic just for fun. Then got seriously thanked later: "so glad we're not distancing ourselves from the President."

One in a whole sequence of "squealing" references

And later on I made sure to do just that!

Roll call: Dvorsky Bolkcom Kinney*, Jacoby Mascher Lensing Stutsman Johnson*, Pulkrabek Weipert Lyness Painter Kriz, Harney Neuzil Sullivan Rettig Carberry*. * are candidates not yet elected. Also mayors Kuhl and Lundell, councilors Throgmorton and Kunkel.
And with that he begins, to "BER-NIE! BER-NIE! BER-NIE!" chants.

May be first since Jesse Jackson to pull that off.

Surprise was that it was only partial.

But as Vernon speaks:

Look closely to see beret:

But not everyone was impressed:

And unlike the Steak Fry I didn't miss anything important:

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