Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bid on a Beret!

Want a genuine Deeth Blog beret? One can be yours with a charitable donation.

Each Yuletide, Johnson County has a tree in the Administration Building lobby.  We decorate it through December with mittens, hats and gloves.  And there's plenty of room under the tree for non-perishable food and goods.

This year I had a special hat for the tree topper.

It's even still got the price tag from the second hand store.

We could just pack it up with all the other stuff, but we thought we could raise a little money with it.

I've auctioned off Deeth Blog Berets before, at political fundraisers.  But this beret is for a non-partisan cause: the Crisis Center of Johnson County.

Email bids to me at johndeethiowacity(at)  I'll update the winning bid in the header section of the blog. (Right below the Deeth exit sign, where "Too old to be cool, too young not to care" used to be.)  The first bid is already in, from my boss Travis Weipert at $5.  That's way too much of a bargain; my record is $40 and I'm sure we can beat that.

The tree is in the Administration Building lobby till the close of business Friday, January 2.  I'll announce the winner that evening.  Offer includes a Prince-approved Certificate of Authenticity, and I'll autograph the beret on request.  Let the bidding war begin!

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