Saturday, January 03, 2015

Beret Bid Raises $420!

The Deeth Blog Beret Bid worked out better than I ever could have hoped.

If you're joining late: I donated a beret to Johnson County's mitten and hat tree, and Janelle Rettig had the idea of auctioning it off for the Crisis Center.

Yesterday was the last day to bid, and a good old fashioned bidding war escalated.  We'd climbed up from $50 at the start of the day to $140, and I anticipated a last second $150 winner.

Then out of nowhere, or at least out of New Jersey, David Redlawsk swooped in with a $200 bid with a half hour to go.  You'll remember the Rutgers psephologist from his years in the UI poli sci department and Johnson County Dems, and his co-authorship of caucus book "Why Iowa?"

At that point Supervisor Mike Carberry, who played a big role in pushing up the price, folded.  At 5:00 and 1 second I checked the inbox and declared Redlawsk our winner.  The beret was leaving town, but at least staying in the B1G.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed and I opened up an email from Chris Liebig, timestamped at 4:58, offering $210.

We had a problem. I'd declared the winner but we had a late, decisive ballot with a timely postmark.  I was about to call Matt Strawn to ask him how to change winners, but I had a better idea.

Upon further review of the play, I've decided to donate a SECOND, official and event-worn, beret and declare Redlawsk and Liebig co-winners (since Dave happily agreed to go up another sawbuck).  Just like the 1995 Ames Straw Poll.

That still leaves me with one to wear, and increases the total raised for the Crisis Center to $420, since Dave happily agreed to kick in another ten.  Not a bad return on investment, since I paid about two bucks each at, yes, second hand stores.

Thanks to all who bid the beret(s) up.  Donations are still welcome here.  For the record I do still have ONE beret left to wear.And I'm always shopping.

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