Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Blank Reports

Other writers have nailed down fundraising by Iowa's US House candidates over the course of the week, but no one's looked at the US Senate race.

Here's a summary of fundraising by Democrats Tom Fiegen and Bob Krause:

Despite being announced candidates for about two years each, neither Fiegen or Krause appear to have reached the $5000 threshold that would trigger reporting requirements.  Their last reports are from their failed 2010 primary runs, and had totals in the low hundreds of dollars.

Not that this is any surprise. It just deserves to be noted.  Maybe I should reconsider my withdrawal from the race. I could probably top Fiegen and Krause's "fundraising" by passing the beret on the Ped Mall.

Chuck Grassley raised $682,472in the first quarter of the year and has $2,406,238in the bank. He's said he hopes to raise $7 million and will have little trouble doing so with every GOP presidential wannabee wanting to be seen in Grassley's company.

Unless Democrats recruit a credible opponent, all that money will be spent helping the rest of the Republican ticket, the way it was in 2004 when Democrats had a weak Senate candidate and John Kerry lost the state by 4000 votes.

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