Friday, May 29, 2015

10,000 Tweets

I dropped my 10,000th tweet last night. To honor that milestone I'm going to elaborate a some of my recent thoughts beyond 140 characters.

Alternate universe 1. Rather than dropping out after one term in 2012, Jim Webb runs for re-election and wins. Maybe then he's a viable candidate. (Assuming Hillary Clinton does not exists in this alternate universe.)

Alternate universe 2. Pataki vs. Bush in a presidential primary... in 2000, not in 2016. Or: Pataki as a challenger to President Gore in 2004.
The Burg has seen at least three presidents. Two former - Reagan and Clinton 42- and at least one future - Obama and possibly Clinton 45. But Dave Panther and the crew have yet to play host to the sitting President Of The United States. Think about it, Chief.

THIS is how you do Iowa:
I once saw Joe Biden take questions on the Ped Mall in Iowa City for two solid hours. Now, granted, that was only three answers, but... naah, while the answers were indeed Biden-long, the questions were many.

A couple weak spots in Bernie Sanders' otherwise solid progressive credentials: guns and race.
Don't look at me, I supported Gary Hart, Bill Bradley and Howard Dean. OK, look at me I guess.

Anybody else think that Fiorina got recruited into the race to carry the Attack Hillary ball for the male candidates, and is running for Secretary of Commerce?

From the Department of Hey Hey Ho Ho When Do We Want It Now:
Good luck my friend but please don't EVER stop writing:
As for Tweet 10,000 itself: I've had this tab sitting open in my browser for a week because it comes closer than anything I've seen in ages to what I really think of the whole Israel-Palestine thing. I've been scared to say it but I've been testing the waters for a while and gotten no pushback. So I swallowed hard and used Tweet 10,000 to link to an article titled "Why Israel Should Not Exist":
(The) Jewish colonization of Palestine represented a continuation of European colonialism as the wielding of power over the Palestinian people shifted from the British government to European Jews in the form of the new Israeli state...
At the very moment the rest of Asia and Africa was being DE-colonized.
The only just solution to this entrenched conflict is to finally allow Palestinians to establish the independent state they should have attained following World War Two and to allow for the return of all refugees. In other words, a single, secular Palestinian state in which Jews, Christians and Muslims all share equal rights. Such a one-state solution is not anti-Semitic, it is sensible.
And it's a sign of progress that I finally feel able to say that.

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