Sunday, September 26, 2004

Obama Touts Democrat Efforts Across U.S.

Obama Touts Democrat Efforts Across U.S.

Well, he must have the furniture picked out, because Senator Barack Obama - we might as well just use the title now - is taking the campaign on the road with stopes this week in Philadelphia, Miami, and in Alan Keyes' back yard, Baltimore.

It's just not a complete week here at the blog without kicking Mosh Pit Al just a little. Lucky for me there's a new poll:

Obama leads Keyes by 51 percentage points according to a Tribune/WGN-TV poll published Sunday. The poll of 700 likely voters found that 68 percent favored Obama and 17 percent supported Keyes...

Jeez, even I didn't get beat THAT bad!

The Packers didn't get beat that bad but they still got beat. Even The Mighty Favre had to stand in awe of Peyton Manning today.

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