Tuesday, December 14, 2004

DCCC Leadership Post Void

DCCC Leadership Post Void

Interesting post in all at MyDD but here's the key:

"Rather than targeting 15-20 races, hoping against the odds that D's win 90% of those races to gain a slim majority, how about we target 5-10 all the way through, and base-target another 100-150 median-partisan CD's with enough resources to keep the GOP incumbents in the districts. That's one alternative, maybe it's some other strategy. But the 'slim majority' strategy that's been employed by the DCCC to regain the House in the last 5 cycles has failed 5 cycles in a row..."

I'd be the world's worst poker player. I'm a heart on my sleeve guy and my face gives me away. But the odds, the numbers aspect, that's interesting. And even I know the stupidest move in poker is drawing to an inside straight. You have to get EXACTLY the right card or you're left with nothing.

We've been drawing to inside straights since 1994. The deck may be stacked, but if we reshuffle it we just might improve the odds.

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