Thursday, June 16, 2005

Morning Miscellaneous

So after my navelgazing of last night, I come up with more one-liners:

  • Will Bush break out the veto pen after the House votes to keep the "Patriot" (sic) Act out of bookstores and libraries?

    The House voted 238-187 to scale back the government's powers to conduct secret investigations that were authorized by the Patriot Act, a post-Sept. 11 anti-terrorism law.

    "We can fight terrorism without undermining basic constitutional rights. That's what the message of today is about," said Rep. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who pushed the measure through the House with the support of 38 Republicans.

  • John Conyers looks at drug sentencing, with paricular focus on the women who are often bystanders: "We need rational sentencing policy that encompasses such measures as fair and equitable sentencing, treatment instead of incarceration, drug courts, reentry programs, and restored judicial discretion."

  • ...while Iowa City, with its usual sense of priorities, effectiveness and realism, wants to raise PAULA fines.
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