Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pilots' joke flight ended in death

Pilots' joke flight ended in death

Captain Butthead and co-pilot Beavis fail the Darwin Test:

Two airline pilots joked and laughed as they flew an empty commercial jet to its limits, switched seats in mid-air and ignored automated warnings before crashing into a residential area, a cockpit voice recorder has revealed...

"Ooh look at that," Mr Cesarz said, apparently referring to cockpit readings. "Pretty cool."

"Man, we can do it. Forty-one it," the captain replied. "Forty thousand, baby."

Two minutes later Mr Cesarz said: "Made it, man."

But seconds later, as an automatic system began warning of a stall, one of the pilots is heard to say: "Dude, it's losing it." A voice then said: "We don't have any engines. You got to be kidding me."

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