Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kos: No love for Iowa

Kos: No love for Iowa

Writing about the DNC's latest scheduling moves, Kos sez:

Iowa and New Hampshire are not representative of the nation. Not in the least. Their exhalted roles will not last for eternity.

This is a tiny change, a caucus before New Hampshire which would still retain the "first primary" designation. That New Hampshire is freaking out so much will only harm them long-term. Let them move up their primary. The DNC should retaliate by stripping that primary of its delegate-assigning ability.

Delegates? We ain't got no delegates. We don't have to show you any steenkin' delegates. Delegates don't matter. Media matters. If New Hampshire becomes an unsanctioned beauty contest, but the candidates are looking for anything they can to gain a toehold, they'll show up with the scrum of cameras and New Hampshire wins. If the candidates stay away, it's a non-story, no news, and the DNC wins.

What Kos is really pissed about, of course, is that Iowa killed Howard Dean (remember, The Scream was AFTER the third place finish) and inflicted John Kerry on the nation. Which gives me as an Iowa Deaniac profoundly mixed feelings.

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