Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sales Tax Now A Done Deal

Sales Tax Now A Done Deal

Unanimous. That's disappointing. It seems the only way to get the school board to do the RIGHT thing - supporting progressive tax reform - is to vote this down.

Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan, who voted against seeking a county share of the tax, said he would continue to campaign
against the tax because it would disproportionately affect low-income residents.
``Should Kirk Ferentz pay the same as a homeless guy?'' he said, referring to the University of Iowa football coach whose annual salary recently was put at some $2.8 million. ``I don't think so.''

More in PC and DI.

THis one's likely to be a Democratic party-splitter on the local level, just like public power was. A word to my friends: I'm really going to resent it if you tell me I'm "against the kids." Yes, we know it's your only way to raise money under present law. That doesn't make it right. Ibnstead of taxing the poor, you should be lobbying the legislature - or better yet working to CHANGE the legislature.

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