Saturday, June 03, 2006

Satellite Saturday

Satellite Saturday

Three places to vote today in Iowa City: the library, east side HyVee, or come say hi to me at the office.

P-C has summaries of the two big local races today: supervisors and county attorney. Notable quote:

White said it's been difficult for him to watch the campaign, not only because it signifies the end of his career as county attorney, but also because both candidates have underscored bringing change to the office.

"My reaction to that is, 'Gee, I didn't realize we were doing that bad,'" White said. "But it's been hard for me."

I won't recite the litany, but I regret the lack of an opportunity to vote against Pat White. Even Lyness, his endorsed candidate, is working the line "I'm not Pat White" into the stump speech.

Janet was seen on the Ped Mall again last night for Arts Fest; Nick Maybanks may have been, probably was, there but my visit was brief as I'm in overtime mode. I didn't even stick around for the headliner, my long time fave James McMurtry. But I did notice:

  • Larry Meyers and team marching about with the Meyers sign on a high stick.
  • Senator Bob Dvorsky and family and others leafletting for Mike Blouin.
  • A corner table for Team Fallon. Again, no Culver sightings. My friends in the Chet Camp may correct me if I missed you.
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