Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Poll, Another Culver Lead

Another Poll, Another Culver Lead

KCCI this time: Culver by 5, 49-44. Reasonably consistent with the Register's +7.

Secratary of State has Mike Mauro 12 points ahead of The Invisible Woman.

Looks like they didn't poll the Ag Secretary race. But this landed in the in box under Sally Pederson's name:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your television, along comes yet another unaccountable special interest group spreading misleading negative political attacks against Democrats.

They are called "Iowans for Agriculture," and the more real Iowans know about this unregulated 527 group, the fewer will fall victim to their attempt to buy this election.

What do we know about "Iowans for Agriculture?" 527s are so unregulated that we know almost nothing.

Their TV ads start airing Monday, October 23rd. Please forward this email to everyone who might vote in November, so that they know "Iowans for Agriculture" is just another secretive group trying to mislead them into voting for Republicans.

The un-natural, politician-ese, TV-ad styled language left me cold... "Please forward this email" sounds too much like "CALL Congressman Slughorn, and TELL him you're AGAINST spending OUR tax dollars on boiling puppies ALIVE." But on reflection, it's interesting that IDP felt the need to issue this sort of inoculation. What race do you think this is about? Governor or Sec of Ag? (Probably governor; I don't recall any TV ever in a downballot Iowa statewide race.) And how over the top is it gonna be?

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