Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our English Language: Creative Use, Objective Abuse

Our English Language: Creative Use, Objective Abuse

English is not the only language, but it's a fun language and I enjoy it when used well.

In Debate Train to Crazy Town, Matt Stoller on MyDD takes a hilarious look at the Connecticut Senate debate and does one of the best Hunter Thompson riffs I've seen in a long time:
Connecticut Election 2006 has gone off the deep end. It's not your normal white picket fence suburban election, with attack ad facing attack ad. No, this is more like a white picket fence election that suddenly gets bored with life and decides to live in the forest, take a bunch of LSD, trout-fish naked, and taunt a bear cub before ending its life suddenly and with total and inexplicable resolution on November 7.

What has happened is that Joe Lieberman competed in a Democratic primary, lost, and is now competing in a Republican primary, and is losing again.

Gonzo imagery, gonzo insight.

Meanwhile the Gazette indulges in anti-union stereotyping in this lead:
Residents here are going to learn something about their new city manager in the next week or two and about whether he will appear to kowtow to labor interests on the City Council -- his employer.

Invoking the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa. Nice kneecaps youse got dere. Shame if anyting happened to dem.

Language is also a matter of choices and omission. Peace rally in Iowa City; only the DI bothers with coverage. The Press-Citizen instead leads with the burning question about whether school clubs are having too many cookie sales to raise money, and a de facto Mediacom ad on how to upgrade your cable to watch the Hawks Saturday.

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