Sunday, October 22, 2006

Leach Flip-flops on his Flip-flop on Negative Mailings

Leach Flip-flops on his Flip-flop on Negative Mailings

From Leach's site:

The Republican Party of Iowa sincerely apologizes to the voters of the 2nd District for the tone of the mail that was sent out regarding the race for congress in the 2nd District. The mail was sent without Congressman Leach’s knowledge and against his wishes. The Republican Party of Iowa will abide by Congressman Leach’s request that we cease and desist any future mailings about his opponent.

Couple o' things:

  • How about apologizing to, say, Dave Loebsack?
  • We all know Leach doesn't have much clout anymore, but you mean to tell me he has so little influence that he can't even get his own state party to stop negative mailers the first time he asked?

    This is the kind of apology you get when your four year old takes his brother's toy after being told not to, and you say "tell your brother you're sorry." You get the right words but you know he didn't mean it, and you know he'll do it again sometime when you're not looking. Which is to be understood if you're teaching a little kid, but not acceptable from a 30 year incumbent congressman.
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