Sunday, October 22, 2006

Leach Flip-flops on Negative Mailings

Leach Flip-flops on Negative Mailings

Last week:

Noting that he has requested that outside parties not participate with independent expenditures in his Congressional race, Leach requested the party to cease and desist mailings in his district.

Leach noted that he was “appalled” by the negative nature of the material the party developed.

This week: The Iowa Republican Party has sent out a mailer saying Dave Loebsack would bring "San Francisco values" to Iowa, and essentially that he would force gay marriage on us, while not supporting "traditional" values. I guess Leach's "integrity" wavers when he's a point behind.

Gay bashing isn't just evil, it's bad politics too says Rekha Basu:

The study puts the total number of gay adults and bisexuals in Iowa at 62,494. That could be enough to give a candidate for statewide office the edge. Gov. Tom Vilsack, for example, beat Jim Ross Lightfoot by 56,000 votes in 1998.

Iowa's Republican platform spares almost no aspect of gay life. Now it may be payback time.

The opponents of public education are getting involved in Iowa, too, says the Register:
The Iowa political arm of All Children Matter, a group based in Michigan, has contributed $10,000 to the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle and made smaller donations to 62 legislative candidates...

The voucher/"school choice" movement is essentially an elaborate scam with neo-segregationist roots to bit by bit undercut support for public education. Taxpayer support for public education is deeply rooted in American history, back to township schools and land-grant colleges, but the theocratic wing of the GOP wants to uproot the learning tree and let it die.

Yesterday was probably my last full human being day before November 7. It's one of my great frustrations as a political blogger: right as interest peaks, my free time shrinks to zero. I'll try to keep my loyal readers satisfied and entertained, but if I miss a day, that's just how it is for me as the clock ticks down.

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