Saturday, October 28, 2006

Register Endorses Chet

Register Endorses Chet

Uses the phrase "big lug" at least twice: Highlights:

  • "Culver has taken his working knowledge about state government and molded it into proposals on education, economic development and renewable energy. He correctly identifies renewable energy as a historic opportunity for Iowa to remake its economy, and he has presented reasonably detailed ideas for helping it happen."

  • "Nussle has been part of a Republican inner circle infamous for all-out partisan warfare and fiscal irresponsibility. And his views against abortion in almost all circumstances are extreme. It takes a leap of faith to believe he could give up his partisan habits and govern Iowa in an inclusive, moderate manner."

  • "Making such a leap isn't necessary. The other candidate doesn't carry the Washington baggage and has prepared himself better for the job overall."

    "Chet Culver is the choice."

  • Congressional endorsements are clouded by the misguided endorsement of Leach. Why?

  • They endorsed the Democrats in the other four races and thought they needed a token Republican?

    Endorsing a clean sweep would have been a powerful statement. A token Republican is still a Bush enabler, to be judged by the company he keeps.

  • The old last refuge of scoundrels, Objectivity and Moderation.

    But if you believe in "moderation," then what is needed is a counterbalance to Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld. What is needed is a Democratic Congress and Dave Loebsack.

  • "Jim Leach was the only member of the Iowa delegation to vote against the war in Iraq. That alone is reason enough to re-elect him."

    But keeping his party in power, keeping his vote for Republican control, for Denny Hastert, only prolongs that war. A vote for Leach is a vote for Hastert, and, as the Press-Citizen wrote last week:
    It would it would seem that some of the more radical proposals Leach has offered would be much more likely to come to pass if the U.S. House was under Democratic control rather than Republican control.

    A vote for Leach is actually a vote against Leach.

    Loebsack gave a nice talk this morning at the Johnson County Dems' get out the vote training, as did Mike Mauro, Joe Bolkcom, and the staffers extrodinaire.

    Highlights from the Register's four Democratic House endorsements:

  • "What really sold us on Bruce Braley was his respect for the U.S. Constitution, which he called "one of the greatest documents written in the history of mankind." He recognizes the responsibility of Congress to uphold the Constitution and exercise oversight of the executive branch - a perspective sorely lacking in today's Washington."

  • "Jeff Lamberti argues he should be elected because 'people are ready for a change.' Iowa does need change. So does the country. But it won't happen if people send yet another toe-the-line Republican congressman to Washington.

    Leonard Boswell's experience and personal connections with people all over the world make him the better choice for representing Iowa and the country."

    I thought it was Dave Lamberti?

  • The shocker is Selden Spencer:
    "The greater good of this country outweighs the benefits of Latham's experience and seniority. Spencer was right during a recent meeting with the Register when he noted that the current Republican leadership in Washington has failed the country. And Latham has been part of the problem."

  • "This editorial board was wrong in 2002 and 2004 in recommending that Iowans elect Steve King to Congress. We (hoped) that someone who's smart, well-read and well-traveled would hearken to the better angels of his nature and make Iowa proud.

    We've given up that hope.

    King has been an embarrassment to Iowa. This space won't allow listing all his outrageous remarks and positions. There are some people who simply don't belong in Washington. Steve King is one.

    Joyce Schulte would bring a breadth of experience to Washington, and Iowa is long overdue in sending a woman to Washington."

  • I almost thought they might give independent Roy Neilsen the nod.

    I'm not seeing endorsements for the statewide Secretaries yet, though Denise O'Brien notes an endorsement from the Storm Lake paper...
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