Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sioux County: Life On Another Planet

Sioux County: Life On Another Planet

"I really respect the fact that President Bush prays for the country."

The Register looks at Sioux County, the evil opposite of the People's Republic and the most Republican place in Iowa. It's so Republican that Jim Nussle is even willing to be seen in public with George W. Bush here next week.

This is why Democrats in Johnson County have to work their butts off till and on Election Day, to make up for about 15 counties like this. This is where the Republicans are playing their base strategy:

The campaign schedule of Nussle and Vander Plaats shows the significance of northwest Iowa. They campaigned last week in Spencer, Cherokee, Sioux City, Sioux Center and Storm Lake.

"They were here early and often, and they're coming back again, and that's going to energize the base here," said state Sen. David Johnson, an Ocheyedan Republican.

To fire up the GOP base, the party has been holding the equivalent of pep rallies in western Iowa communities, featuring King and other GOP leaders.

"We talk about the red-meat issues of importance to Republicans, and remind them of the values that Republican candidates will defend," said state Sen. Jeff Angelo, a Creston Republican.

Those issues include illegal immigration, abortion, gay marriage...

This is where they think Steve King is a good moderate.

Put it this way: if Sioux County were sawn off the rest of the state and annexed to South Dakota, John Kerry would have won Iowa. The Sioux County Bush margin was more than the STATEWIDE margin.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you quote Senator Jeff Angelo--he is such an idiot. Montgomery county Republicans are appalled at learning of his recent divorce and year long affair with Democrat activist Tara Vanbrederode (former clerk of Quirmbach). Just like Nussle, the man cant be trusted as a leader for our state and we wish we had a better candidate for Governor. Angelo quoted "his desire to serve along side Nussle after his win, at Terrace Hill, working for the Republicans of Iowa". quoted at a recent Steve King event. We will see to it that Angelo never wins in 2008 and we have a trustworthy Repulican representing us.

Anonymous said...

The 14% Democrat voters in Sioux county are mainly German-Luxebourg descenct. It's the Dutch community that votes Republican. The main commerce centers of Orange City,Sioux Center,Hull & Rock Valley all swing right. They are all Dutch Reformmed-Evangelical-very conservative. Two colleges-Northwestern & Dordt extremly Christain conservative preach negavativly of Catholics.But we get even because they are the brunt of our jokes-hollanders aka hounders. 40-50-60 years ago the anomosity was much worst than today. But they are mostly hypocrits when it comes to religion & politics. Google:Lawrence Vander Esch...this caused quite a stir in NW Iowa. I could go on and on but I'm sure you got the picture thank you