Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alan Keyes in Ames?

Alan Keyes at Ames?

Alan Keyes, the Maryland Illinois Maryland perennial candidate last seen losing a landslide to Barack Obama, may be making an appearance at the Ames straw poll, says Cyclone Conservative:
Alan Keyes' draft campaign (has) apparently purchased space and are planning to actively spread the word about Dr. Keyes. While my e-mails don't come right out and say that Dr. Keyes will be there, it seems to suggest that he will be there.

As I noted a few weeks ago, Dr. Keyes appears to be behind his own "Draft" campaign because he owns the rights to the URL that is being used for the website.

Keyes will not be speaking at the event, and the Ames straw poll doesn't allow write-ins. CyCons notes Keyes' 14 percent Iowa showing in 2000 and gushes at his speaking prowess.

HawkeyeGOP is dismissive:
The problem of course is that Alan Keyes is crazy...

The only possible outcome of a successful Draft Keyes movement would be to dilute conservative primary votes and insure that Rudy McRomney is the nominee. Alan Keyes has had his chance, it is time to move on. At least Ron Paul has won a few elections.

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