Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rummage Sale Revisited

Rummage Sale Revisited

I'm in my final days at Bohemian Paradise. The boxes are starting to fill all too slowly, and the PO Box is set to close as I move the mail to the new house. I told myself I'd stay at the Village till my lifestyle changed, and now it has.

So a couple things:

My rummage sale partner wants to get rid of more stuff and since I've already done most of the work for it, I'm going to set my stuff out again too. One day only.

Saturday, July 28
8 Am - 2 Pm
422 Brown St., Iowa City.

You may or may not see me, I have to cut out for a while to cover a story.

Also, and this plea is even more pathetic. I need help. Well, most of you probably think that. Seriously. I gotta haul a lot of stuff and I could use a hand. The load out at my old place is Tuesday the 31st and Wednesday the 1st. The second chance is at my new place -- 313 W. Benton. That'll be on Sunday the 5th.

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