Friday, September 28, 2007

Grassley For President?

Grassley For President?

Around the Iowa blogosphere:

  • Cyclone Conservatives reports on a Chuck Grassley for President "movement." Well, more like a Facebook group, actually.

  • Dien Judge, wo has seen the candidates as many times as I have, writes at Smoky Hollow about their speech mannerisms and doesn't like Hillary's laugh. I remember from the radio days of tape editing: Grassley's vocal pause is an "uh," while Tom Harkin would drop in a lot of "quite frankly"s while searching for the right word. Once we strung a bunch of these together from scraps of tape for fun ("quite frankly, again as I said before quite frankly, I quite frankly believe we should quite frankly...") but it accidentally made it to the air.


  • Congressional Quarterly has its latest look at hot House races. Once again, Iowa is nowhere to be seen. I'm actually more surprised not to see Tom Latham and primary-vulnerable Blue Dog Boswell on there than I am at the absence of freshmen Loebsack and Braley.

  • "Why Tuesday?" asks a site of that name, noting that most of the civilized world votes on the weekend.
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