Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late Wisconsin Poll

Late Wisconsin Poll

My folks are always my test of what the pure independents will do. You know those diligent, study the candidate types that are held up as an ideal, but in reality only exist in civics textbooks? Well, my folks really are that.

So on the eve of the Wisconsin primary I did my usual survey. Huckabee was never in contention; Mom was an elementary school teacher who got put off the fundamentalists along about the time they complained about having Halloween parties at school. Satan worship, you know. As for Ron Paul, the government=bad thing doesn't appeal to people who made their careers in public schools.

Well, how about McCain? The "100 more years of war" quote has definitely sunk in. Which bodes well for the fall. So he's off the list.

That leaves the two Democrats for today and Mom, who lands smack in the middle of the prime Hillary demographic, says "I think we'll cancel each other out." So it looks close, but my margin of error is pretty high here.

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