Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Ramblings

Pennsylvania Ramblings

Just settling in for Round 40 or so of the fight. Since it's 40 minutes till the Penn polls close, nothing to report yet. Let's clear the browser windows of the stuff I've been meaning to pass along.

  • Shoes suck. So there, mom.

  • This looks like a neat idea: A cat bed for your desk. Cats, of course, will never go for it, preferring to rest on the mousepad or keyboard. (Xavier seems to be filling the gap left by Butter's death in the role of writing assistant.)

    Obama talks hoops.

    7:00 and no call. Russert has the fantasy that Hillary will win then "bow out gracefully on a high note." Matthews doesn't say HA! but I do.

    They are fired up and ready to go in Indiana. Mellencamp is having it both ways, playing for Obama's crowd tonight and for Team Hillary later in the campaign. Of course his real choice is John Cougar Edwards.

    Nora O'Donnell with demographics. Young people, blacks, men like Obama, old peope, women, whites like Hillary. Yawn.

    Olberman thinks thefact it ain't called after 22 minutes is bad news for Team Hillary. Russert thinks Ed Rendell may be the only person who can tell Hillary it's Game Over because his loyalty is unquestioned. Fineman said Team Obama wins by losing because he bankrupted Hillary in PA. A pyrhhic victory, kind of like how we won the Cold War by bankrupting the Rooskies. And ourselves; thanks, Ronnie.

    7:47 and the nomenclature has changed from Too Close To Call to Too Early To Call. Which telegraphs a midrange Hillary win. And as soon as I write it, they call it.

    When did Harold Ford Jr. sign on with MSNBC?

    This looks like a loooong night of more of the same. We waited six weeks for this?

    Pat Buchanan just used the phrase "Marxist dialectic" and Rachel Maddow was dumbfounded. Line of the night: "Let's use the Rocky analogy correctly; Obama went the distance in Pennsylvania." I missed a bunch of stuff with an overheating laptop; there was a fascinating Mathews/Olbermann discussion of Team Hillary moving the goalposts and how her supporters see that as a plus.

    More doomsday polls about how many of Hillary's people won't vote for Obama and vice versa. Of course, these polls were taken at the very end of a very negative campaign. Ask again in September.

    Hillary speaking and piling cliche upon cliche, throwing in the Vote For Me Because card for good measure. If I did a shot every time she said some variation of "fight" I'd be reaaaaly drunk by now.

    Hillary leaves the stage to Mellencamp; Obama takes the stage to the same freakin' song. I'm not catching every word of Obama due to my real life, but unlike Hillary he's taking it to McCain. Olbermann says Mellencamp's gonna broker the nomination.

    Other news: Mississippi 1 congressional special goes to a runoff - and the Dems almost take it away from the GOP outright.
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