Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Canvasses Change Few Votes In Close Primary

Canvasses Change Few Votes In Close Primary

County canvasses on Monday and Tuesday changed few votes in two close Republican contests from last week's primary.

Christopher Reed held both his lead in the U.S. Senate race over George Eichhhorn and, more importantly, his percentage above the required 35 percent.

Canvass numbers had Reed at 24,916 votes, for 35.26 percent. Eichhorn had 24,392 votes, for 34.52 percent. Third place candidate Steve Rathje won 21,106 votes, for 29.87 percent. The 249 write-ins keep those percentages from adding to 100.

News reports on election night had Reed with 25,159 votes and 35.29 percent, with Eichhorn at 24,756 and 34.71 percent.

Eichhorn is still considering a recount. Actually, that would be recounts plural, as many as 99, since recount requests are made at the county level.

Recounts are officially conducted by a three member recount board. Each candidate would choose a representative. Then the Eichhorn and Reed representatives would together choose a mutually acceptable, and presumably neutral, third member. Auditor's offices would assist the recount board, but the recount board would make the decisions.

Peter Teahen has said he's not likely to ask for a recount in the close 2nd Congressional District race. Canvass results give Mariannette Miller-Meeks 7,372 votes and 43.6 percent, a gain of 12 votes from election night. Teahen was at 7,255 votes and 42.9 percent, unchanged from election night. Third place candidate Lee Harder of Mount Pleasant third with 2,258 votes and 13.5 percent, down 16 votes from election night news reports.

No changes in the Johnson County numbers in those close races. Johnson County tallied two provisional ballots and two absentees after election day; all four were Democrats.

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