Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Campus, Coralville Cope With Flood: Iowa City Flood Photos 2

Campus, Coralville Cope With Flood: Iowa City Flood Photos 2

Though the overflow of the Coralville Dam spillway is now not expected until Wednesday morning it was 8:30 tonight, the outlook for the Iowa City area is being summed up in three words: "Worse Than 1993." The University of Iowa Campus, and other low-lying parts of Iowa City and Coralville, are already seeing the impact.

Homes on Edgewater Drive in Coralville are now well beyond the edge, as this fellow kayaks down the street.

A bubbling manhole cover on North Riverside Drive. The street was flooded out in 1993 but was still open Tuesday night.

Fraternity Row, as seen from the arts campus.

Hancher Auditorium, protected by sandbags.

Another view of Hancher, with the closed Park Road bridge in the foreground. Lower City Park is completely submerged.

Also submerged: this walkway at the Iowa Memorial Union.

Outside the River Room at the IMU; the name wasn't meant this literally.

Sandbags at the Iowa Advanced Tech. Laboratories. I had to look the name up -- everybody in Iowa City still calls it the Laser Center.

South end of Rocky Shore Drive.

Officials are encouraging people to stay out of the way in flooded areas, but that didn't stop these two from going all the way to the end of Dubuque Street. (I have an excuse; I'm a professional journalist.)

Officials are also telling people to stay out of flood waters. Instead of going for the easy joke about dogs and fire hydrants, I'll just say: Buddy, your bus isn't stopping at Dubuque Street and Kimball Road for a LOOOONG time. The scene inspired this exchange:

Kids: "Can we go in the water too? That guy is!"
Mom: "No! There might be sewage in there."
Dad/Professional Journalist: "Yeah, would you walk in poop?"
Two Young Women Taking Pictures: "We would! Just to get the picture."
Dad/Professional Journalist, laughing: "You're not my kids, go ahead."

The Benton Street Bridge, two blocks from my house. A homeless veteran died under this bridge recently; even those without homes are losing their homes to the flood. The camping, non-shelter homeless often stay close to the river, and indigent fishermen are often seen along the now-underwater Iowa River bike trail.

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