Monday, June 09, 2008

Iowa City Flood Scenes

Iowa City Flood Scenes

Bargain hunters had a big opportunity at Houseworks in Iowa City Monday, but had to climb over sandbags to take advantage of the resale/consignment store's 50 percent off flood sale.

More scenes from Iowa City's first 500 year flood in 15 years: (Update: More from Tuesday)

Just south of Houseworks, sandbagging crews were still working in the early evening.

Feline residents of the Iowa City Animal Shelter were taking advantage of their sandbagged outdoor play area, as evening showers started.

Sandbags at the Iowa Memorial Union, east of the river. Further north, Dubuque Street near Mayflower Hall is under water, as is most of Lower City Park. On the west side of campus, arts classes and offices are being moved out of several buildings, including including Hancher Auditorium, Voxman Music Building and Clapp Recital Hall, the Theatre Building, the Museum of Art, the Art Building and Art Building West.

Flooding hasn't stopped the fine dining at the Iowa River Power Company, but the water flowing over the nearby dam made for a treacherous view. Along with other debris, a 55 gallon plastic drum bobbled in the water like a rubber duck, dwarfed by the flooding.

At the Coralville Dam, water is expected to crest the spillway, 712 feet above sea level, during the overnight hours. The blue line is the 716.75 foot record from 1993.

At the spillway, a hurricane party atmosphere prevailed, with dozens of people standing where water will be flowing in a few hours. The road over the dam will be closed, and a nonstop line of cars trekked across for one last chance at the view.

Outflow at the dam is being incrementally cranked up. This is what 18,000 cubic feet per second looks like, flooding the lower campgrounds area. On Saturday, people waded across the submerged road to get an up-close look, but by Monday the area was cordoned off with stern NO FOOT TRAFFIC BEYOND THIS POINT signs. Outflow will be increased to 20,000 cubic feet per second Tuesday morning, and 21,000 cubic feet per second Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking. I feel sorrow for you folks in eastern Iowa. I know a lot of terrific people in Iowa City and I hope you're all spared too much destruction. Peace and best of luck.