Friday, June 06, 2008

We Live In A Political World

We Live In A Political World

You thought Springsteen was as big as the musical endorsements could get?

Bob Dylan gives a ringing endorsement to Mr. Obama...

Asked about his views on American politics, he said: "WellyouknowrightnowAmericaisin astateof up-HEEEAVal. Poverty is de-MORalising. You can't expect people to have the VIRtue of purity when they are POOR.

"Butwe'vegotthisguyouttherenow who is RE-defining the nature of politics from the ground up...BarAck o-BA-ma.

"He's RE-defining what a politician IS, sowe'llhavetoseehowthingsplayout. Am I hopeful? YES, I'm hopefulthatthingsmight CHANGE. Somethingsaregoingto HAVE to."

He added: “Youshouldalwaystakethebestfromthepast, leavetheworstbackthere, andgo forwardintothe FUuture."

It sounds better when you say it out loud in a Bob Dylan voice, which I tried to indicate typographicalLY. The story had way too many obligatory "Times They Are A-Changin'" references, but it was a great get; the context is that the music and arts reporter just kind of blurted out the question on his way out the door at the end of the interview.

My cat Dylan, a Democat since at least 2004, was unavailable for comment. He is not Siamese and I rarely if ever carry him on my shoulders.

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