Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trying to identify this photo taken on the steps of the Old Capitol. Judging from the age and beard ratio of the middle aged to old men I'd estimate 1900s or 1910s. (Facial hair went out of fashion after World War I). The mat lists a company named Newberg Breece at 128 S. Clinton in Iowa City (which would be across from Old Capitol Mall today). The picture was found under another picture as part of the framing materials.

Also looking for physical help lifting a very large television set (36 inch non-flat screen) after 6 tonight. Your reward shall be beverage of your choice.

In other news, we lost the Georgia Senate runoff but the Mel Martinez seat opened up in Florida for 2010. Dynasty watch: Jeb is looking at it. Maybe Hillary's brother will run again, too...

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