Friday, February 20, 2009

Reagan Centennial

Here's Some Government Spending To Cut

Irony alert: a bill to spend a million taxpayer dollars on the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth. The Gipper hinself would probably find this a waste of taxpayer dollars. He'd praise the private sector and then get some military contractor to pony up the money.

I think they should use it to hire this guy, seen literally dancing on Reagan's grave. (I only did so figuratively.)

With Ranking the Presidents out earlier in the week, I mentally started organizing the Top 42, but I get bogged down in the mediocre zone. And I can't do the "objective historian" thing. Reagan was too formative an experience. I opposed Bush 43, but I hated Reagan, in a deep and personal sense made all the stronger by the ascendancy of his ideology at the time. Everything that I am politically is because of, and in direct opposition to, Ronald Reagan, and there's no way he's ever anything but dead last to me. I'm just glad I had Joe Strummer to help me survive it.

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