Friday, February 20, 2009

Roosevelt School

Roosevelt School

Spend a chunk of time at a meeting about my boys' school last night.

My Miller-Orchard neighborhood is one of the hidden gems of Iowa City. If you've been following the blog, you know bits of the story: our backyard is big enough for two Smallest Farms and a football game, and my office is a five minute bike ride or a ten minute stroll (the main factor in commute time is the red light at Riverside and Benton). Roosevelt School is another short stroll; we're busy enough that the morning usually involves a car, but on nice days we often walk home. And we were just high enough to stay dry at flood time.

Speaking of Roosevelt, our school is Teddy, not FDR (built in 1931 when Roosevelt 33 was just an up and coming governor) and this meeting delayed my editing of the next part of Bipartisanship and the Parliamentary Era. But as I think Back to Part One, I realize that if TR had won that 1912 battle, our realignment could have happened 100 years earlier. Progressives of both parties could have taken over the GOP, leaving conservatives to fend in the segregationist remnant of the Democrats. Don't fret, regular readers; I'll return to the topic soon. Meanwhile, the City Council's talking about this Monday and the School Board Tuesday.

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