Monday, August 03, 2009

Branstad Gives Me a 90s Flashback

Things To Bring Back From The Early 90s

Early August is the anniversary of my move to Iowa, 19 years now. Back then I had hair and was occasionally teased for an extremely slight resemblance to the then-governor.

This year I'm greeted by a deja vu to that era, as Terry Branstad takes a look at the comeback trail. (Aside: That era was my first career as a journalist and I talked to many of the leading Republicans. Grassley, Leach, Lightfoot and Nussle were all generous with their time... but we had a hell of a time getting Team Branstad to call back.)

I can't decide what I miss most from that era so I'll let you the readers help. (Write-ins welcome in comments.)

What Should We Bring Back From The Early 90s?
Terry Branstad
Hammer Pants
The Berlin Wall
Newt Gingrich oh, wait, he's already back
5 1/4 inch floppy disk
Guns N' Roses Original Lineup
Nicole Brown Simpson
Deeth's Hair
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