Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday Morning Smallest Farm Report

Saturday Morning Smallest Farm Report

I just realized I went the entire month of July without a Smallest Farm update, mostly because I was too busy DOING it to WRITE about it.

A typical day's harvest. Hayden wants to develop a video game called Growing Garden: "You have to run around all the different gardens and pick stuff or else the tomatoes explode." Throw in weeds and wabbits and you might have something there.

Hayden has also taken to writing stories about the garden which I'll include in my updates. Here's the first:


77 years ago a young rabbit was really bad at getting carrots out of John's garden.

But the best rabbit would get pumpkins, giant pumpkins.

But John put up electric fences and all the rabbits got killed. John wins the garden from the rabbits. The end.

Here's one of those giant pumpkins, now larger than Ethan's brain.

Corn is juuuust about ready...

The long-sought purple pod pole beans are turning out more prolific this year than the classic Kentucky Wonders. The Asian long beans are also doing well. One of my transplanted volunteer squashes has grown from the south end of the north garden, all the way through the corn, and starting up the bean poles.

The perfect companion planting: eggplant and catnip.

These heirloom tomatoes are called Mr. Stripey--ugly but yummy.

Prolific cherry tomatoes.

Ethan took this shot of Mister Hoot Hoot. I think Voldemort did it.

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