Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Links

Obama Confesses: Not Born In USA!

  • Happy birthday to the president: The birthers have the details wrong, but Obama finally confesses!

  • Health care advocates, be ready for your congressional town meeting when (if) there's an August recess "district work period." The Teabaggers have their marching orders. I'm a free speech absolutist, of course, but in Pete Visclosky's Indiana district some simple steps let everyone get heard without a riot. The important part is BE THERE.

  • Whose fault is the Great Depression of Journalism? Why, Harry Potter's, of course:
    Researchers first studied quotes from the first six books regarding the media, and based on the overall categorization of those quotes, they determined the three main frames in which media is viewed: Government Control of Journalism, Misleading Journalism, and Unethical Means of Gathering Information. Based on these frames, researchers argue the Harry Potter series does not put the media in a positive light. Because of this, children could potentially perceive the news media in general as untrustworthy and controlled by the government.
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